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A famous definition of accounting was made by Professor Paton in 1949. He stated

“In a broad sense accounting has one primary function:  facilitating the administration of economic activity.  This function has two closely related phases:  (1) measuring and arraying economic data; [and] (2) communicating the results of this process to interested parties.”

You may have noticed that accountants tend to talk in a language that leaves people feeling as if they are listening to the “mwaaa mwaaa mwaaaaaa” of Charlie Brown’s teacher. 

Most people who start their own business do it because they have an idea they love or a skill they enjoy using.  You are not alone if you feel it’s easier just to work at what you enjoy and not think about or talk about the numbers, and just leave that all up to the accountant.

As your accountant, I can do more than keep your bookkeeping records organized and file your tax return.  I can help you see how being aware of your financial situation can be useful to making decisions for your business.  However, since it is your business and your decisions to make, it’s important to me that you understand what I say.  I will try to communicate effectively with you, and hope you will stop me and ask for clarification if I slip into ‘accountant-speak’.